Nebraska Coffee Association is BACK!

Last summer I started the Nebraska Coffee Association. We had a few jams. We tasted some coffees. We had some fun. Well, I stopped working in coffee and no one seemed very interested. As of now I do not get paid to work in the coffee industry. But as far as I’m concerned my heart belongs to coffee and the first chance I get I will be back. In the meantime I’m still a Barista at heart. My goal for the Nebraska Coffee Association is first for the Barista and then for anyone who wants to learn more about coffee. It’s important that we have a strong community in Nebraska. I’m proud to be here and be a part of it. So I’m starting this page as well as a twitter account which you will soon see. We will be planning some events and classes as soon as possible. Anyone that wants to be involved can contact me at

I spent the past eight years of my life learning everything I could about coffee. Sharing knowledge and learning from others is vital to whichever career path you choose. The Nebraska Coffee Association was started with this in mind. I have much to learn and I want other Baristas to have the same opportunities that I have been fortunate to have. Baristas who push themselves to learn more are taken more seriously and will have an abundance of opportunities in this industry.



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