The Nebraska Coffee Association is an organization of people that love coffee. It’s purpose is to improve the coffee community in Nebraska. We work together to learn about our industry and to elevate the level of service to our customers.

The NCA does these things:

1. We offer education for each individual working in the coffee industry. This elevates the craft of Barista and empowers us to take more pride in our work.

2. When Baristas take more pride in their work it’s the customers who benefit. A confident Barista is more capable of offering a high level of service to their customers. A high level of service with a quality product to match equals a happy customer.

3. We work together as small, locally owned businesses. Individually we do not have the resources that bigger corporate companies possess to dedicate toward education. We work together to compete with bigger corporations.

4. Taking pride in our work, offering high levels of service and strengthening the community. We do these things to strengthen the economy in Nebraska and do our part to make our state prosper.


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  1. I have been researching and working in the coffee shop business for a few years and am now in the process of opening up my own shop! I was curious at the education you mentioned and any ideas or mentoring you may have in place. I would love to see what resources are available and to be a part of the community!

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